Cancellation Policy

Ocm:- onlinecitymarket guarantees that your request is securely conveyed to you inside the guaranteed conveyance course of events. Be that as it may, on the off chance that you have requested a wrong item you may drop the request through your Ocm:- onlinecitymarket Account.
If it’s not too much trouble Note:
• If it is Prepaid Order, the sum will be discounted to you, as per our Refund Policy
• A dropping solicitation can’t be made after your request is dispatched


Under some uncommon circumstances, Ocm:- onlinecitymarket or any of our venders can likewise raise a request abrogation ask. These circumstances could be –
• Product out of stock with the merchant
• Restrictions on the quantity of items you can arrange, according to Terms and Conditions of any Offer/Discount
• Incorrect valuing or depiction of the item
• Payment extortion doubt by our Credit and Fraud Avoidance Department
• Incorrect or Incomplete Buyer’s Address
• Non functionality of Buyer’s address by our dispatch accomplices or merchants of the *Order Transfer Marketplace
*In instance of request dropping by a dealer due to non-accessibility of the item, we would exchange your request to another merchant, who can satisfy your necessity. On the off chance that your request isn’t satisfied by our vender after your installment has been done, the paid sum will be discounted to you, as per our Refund Policy. We will tell you at your enlisted email address if a request retraction occurs because of any reason.
Returns is a plan gave by particular venders specifically under this approach regarding which the alternative of trade, substitution or potentially discount is offered by the individual dealers to you. All items recorded under a specific classification might not have similar returns strategy. For all items, the arrangement on the item page will beat the general returns strategy. Do allude the individual thing’s relevant merchandise exchange on the item page for any exemptions to the table beneath
If there should arise an occurrence of profits where you might want item(s) to be gotten from an alternate address, the address must be switched if get benefit is accessible at the new address
The field official will decline to acknowledge the arrival if any of the above conditions are not met.
For any items for which a discount is to be given, the discount will be prepared once the returned item has been gotten by the merchant.

General Rules for an effective Return

1. In certain situations where the merchant can’t process a trade for any reason at all, a discount will be given.
2. During open box conveyances, while tolerating your request, on the off chance that you got an alternate or a harmed item, you will be given a discount (on the spot discounts for money down requests). When you have acknowledged an open box conveyance, no arrival demand will be handled, aside from assembling surrenders. In such cases, this classification particular substitution/return general conditions will be material.
3. For items where establishment is given by Onlinecitymarket’S benefit accomplices, don’t open the item bundling independent from anyone else. Onlinecitymarket approved work force will help in unpacking and establishment of the item.
4. For Furniture, any item related issues will be checked by an approved administration work force (free of cost) and endeavored to be settled by supplanting the broken/inadequate piece of the item. Full substitution will be given just in situations where the administration staff opines that supplanting the flawed/faulty part won’t resolve the issue.