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Fruits and Vegetables Purifier - OnlineCityMarket

Fruits and Vegetables Purifier

 2400.00  1500.00

in stock

Disinfect fruit and vegs

Disinfect meats

Disinfect Fish

Disinfect cuttlery

Disinfect water

Size : 33*331*13

More than 1000 mg/hr output 100% genuine quality product 0-30 mins timer

ISO certified

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vegetable & fruit purifier is CE Certified & removes harmful chemicals, pesticides, germs from fruitsvegetables & meat. 

ISO certified

 Vegetable & Fruit Purifier is based on revolutionary Ozone disinfection technology that effectively kills bacteria, viruses, fungus, and other pathogens from the surface of vegetables, fruits, and meat. Ozonizer is based on the technology involved in corona ozone generation, which can be utilized as a disinfector and sterilizing agent in the process of disinfecting and sterilizing. Ozone is a very strong disinfectant and oxidizer. Clean with Ozone Purification Technology – No more chemicals and pesticides, Kills harmful bacteria, Keeps food fresh, Deodorizes meat and seafood, Compact Space-saving Design, Timer function, Zero maintenance. Can be used for Vegetables, Fruits, Lentils, Meat and Sea Food. With Prestige Ozoniser as part of our modern kitchen, we could have health in our hands. It offers a very simple and effective way to purify the foods we consume every day ranging from cereals, meats to fruits, and vegetables.


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